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The Park, Dry Drayton (also known as Drayton Park)5925

Brief Description

Features of The Park included an avenue, a park and a garden moat.


The Park was established sometime before 1655. The house was occupied until it was demolished in the early-19th century.

Detailed Description

In 1740 an estate map of the Dukes of Bedford shows an avenue to the south of the park and the prospect and gardens which would have been newly laid out after the house was built. All that remains today in a field east of the village church is the garden moat and the adjacent platform. Park Street has been re-aligned in the village.
  • Avenue
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  • Moat
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  • Manor House (featured building)
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Civil Parish

  • Dry Drayton

Detailed History

Until it was demolished in 1817, Drayton Park was the major house in the village. There are few records of the house until 1655 when it was occupied by John Sedgewick. Between 1713-1730 the house was probably the residence of the Dukes of Bedford and kept in good order. In 1795 the property was sold to the Rector of Dry Drayton who died in 1808. His son did not live there and the house was later demolished.


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