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Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Wisbech (also known as Wisbech Cemetery)


Features of Mount Pleasant Cemetery include hedges, a drive, a chapel, a cottage and a rose garden.

In 1881 the Cemetery Chapel, the Cemetery Cottage and the gate piers were all built. The layout of the Cemetery is a rigid grid path pattern with a central drive, which is lined with conifers, evergreen laurels and pine trees. A fine Wellingtonia marks the first cross path where the path is edged with box hedging. The far end of the drive is marked with a further Wellingtonia surrounded by yews. Scots pines, a monkey puzzle tree, variegated hollies and copper beeches are further evidence of Victorian cemeteries planted as arboretums. A rose garden within a clipped beech hedge has now been included to the right of the drive.
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In September 1877 the Local Board of Health purchased the new burial ground situated to the north of the Mount Pleasant Bank (a Roman embankment) for the sum of 2,250 pounds. A new cemetery was required under the Burial Act of 1854 as the Church cemetery would be filled in three years. It was noted in a London daily journal that ‘the Corporation's administration was being carried out on enlightened lines, which were worthy of imitation elsewhere'.

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