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The Manor House, Tydd St Giles (also known as Tydd Manor)


Features of Tydd Manor include a rock garden, lawns and a small arboretum.

Location, Area, Boundaries, Landform and Setting

With energy and intrepid determination Herbert Carter set about improving the garden. A visit to the Chelsea Flower Show in 1948 inspired him to add interest to his garden. Carter was so impressed by George Whitelegg's rock garden display that year, complete with electrically operated waterfall, he ordered it to be delivered lock, stock and barrel to Tydd Manor. Herbert Carter, known as Bert, was the person who bought the Chelsea Flower Show exhibit. It was agreed to be delivered to Wisbech railway station but inadvertently ended up at March which is 20 miles away. This is why there several discussions as to how to transport the exhibits to Tydd. Later, he received a telephone call from Wisbech station telling him his garden was on the platform awaiting collection. After a lengthy discussion over the phone, the garden was delivered.

The rocks were divided into two and positioned in the south-west corner of the south lawn where they remain today. There is an interesting collection of trees growing to the east of the manor forming a small arboretum and the vegetable garden lies to the south of Kirkgate Road opposite.


19th Century

The house was the property of the Tindall family who were both Millers and graziers in the 19th century.

20th Century

Richard Tindall (known as JRT) owned the house which was passed to his daughter, Edith in 1922. The Tindalls retired to Wisbech.

Protected from the Fenland winds by mature oaks, poplars and cedars this late-16th century manor house was restored by Howard Carter in 1926.


  • 20th Century (1901 to 1932)
  • Early 20th Century (1901 to 1932)
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  • Lawn
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  • Rockery
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  • Manor House (featured building)
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20th Century (1901 to 1932)



Civil Parish

Tydd St. Giles



  • Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust