Memorial Gardens, Deptford 8293

Greater London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

Deptford Memorial Gardens comprise three strips of formal gardens laid out on raised ground between the main road on the south side and a row of mid-19th-century paired houses. At the northern end is the World War 1 war memorial, a Portland stone obelisk with figures of a soldier and sailor, which was unveiled in 1921. Today the gardens form a strip of lawn within which is a series of circular, rectangular or oval flower beds with seasonal displays. A path runs through the gardens and there are a number of seats. Yew hedges and shrubbery border the garden to the south and there are a number of ornamental trees, as well as lime and horse chestnuts. The border to Lewisham Way has a scalloped retaining wall.

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Opening is unrestricted.
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Opening is unrestricted.


Rail/London Overground: New Cross


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust