Brookmill Park (also known as Ravensbourne Park)7686

London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

Features of Brookmill Park include a play area, cycle route, nature reserve and ornamental gardens.


Brookmill Park originated as a small recreation ground provided from 1880 near the Kent Waterworks' reservoir by the river Ravensbourne. It was expanded in the 1920s when part of the disused reservoir was infilled, and opened as Brookmill Park. Some evidence of the reservoir remains, much reduced in size, as the small oval lake still found in the park. When nearby housing was destroyed by World War 2 bombing, the park was further extended, re-opening in 1951 as Ravensbourne Park. When Deptford and Lewisham amalgamated to form Lewisham in 1965, the park reverted to its earlier name. It was again re-landscaped when the DLR was constructed, necessitating re-routing of the Ravensbourne, and former Thames Water gardens were added, now a formal garden with pond, pergolas, ornamental beds and hedges. The park was re-opened in 1998.

Visitor Facilities

The park is open from 8am - sunset.
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The park is open from 8am - sunset.


Rail: St John's. DLR: Elverston Road


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)