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Marton Hall


In the 19th century, Marton Hall had a park and formal gardens to the south and south-east of the house.

A hall at Marton is first recorded in 1806, but there was no parkland at that time. By 1826, however, a park is indicated stretching between the road and Marton Pool to the south-east. The natural pool, which has an expanse of around 45 acres, was well stocked with fish, and Bagshaw records that the pleasure grounds were 'neatly laid out.'

By the last quarter of the 19th century, some change in the area of the park had taken place. It seems to have been mainly in the north and north-east, as the bounds there only extended about midway along the north-west side of Marton Pool.

The park had two main entrances, one to the south-west and the second to the north-east of the Hall, both on the Myddle-Marton road. Drives or avenues ran from these entrances towards the Hall. A third driveway ran south-east from the Hall towards the pool and its two boat houses.

Formal gardens appear to

have been laid out to the east and south-east of the Hall, and there was an area

planted with conifers to the north.

Features & Designations


  • Drive
  • Description: Three drives ran across the parkland at Marton Hall. Two from the main entrances towards the hall, and one from the hall to Marton Pool.
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  • Boat House
  • Description: There were two boathouses on Marton Pool.
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Myddle and