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Madingley Road, Number 12 (also known as Elterholm)5539

Short Description

Features of Elterholm include specimen trees and a lawn.

Detailed Description

The mature trees around the garden are Wellingtonias, cedars and pines to the west and oaks and a grove of mature beeches to the east. The clue that the present garden has been adapted form an earlier pleasure garden and the nursery is the mature yew and the old apple tree festooned with mistletoe on the south lawn. The house is covered with rampant vines and ivies.
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  • House (featured building)
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Elterholm was established in the late-19th century as a private residence.

Detailed History

Elterholm was designed in 1888 by Liverpool architects Grayson and Ould, for Mr Thomas Thorneley, a fellow of Trinity Hall, who had married in 1885. The house lies well back from the road and is built over part of the Madingley Road pleasure gardens, and the adjacent Mount Pleasant Nursery. The house has exotic first floor half-timbered facades and is connected at the rear to accommodation over a garage.


  • Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust