Madeley Manor 7027

Newcastle-under-Lyme, England, Staffordshire, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Brief Description

A survey undertaken around 1995 found a derelict orangery, a small pond, gardens, and a good tree clump beyond. There is a small park with good trees including aged oaks, but there has also been much recent overplanting. The views are to the nearby motorway. The house is now a nursing home.


The house was the seat of John Offley. It was drawn and engraved by Michael Burghers for Robert Plot's 'Natural History of Staffordshire', first published in 1686. This illustration shows a half-timbered house and a highly elaborate formal garden.

  • Orangery
  • Description: Derelict orangery.
Pond, Tree Clump

Civil Parish

  • Madeley



  • Staffordshire Gardens and Parks Trust