John Clare's Cottage, Helpston 6278

Peterborough, England

Brief Description

Features of John Clare's Cottage include hanging baskets, low growing climbers and a dovecote.


John Clare's Cottage was established before his birth in 1793.

Detailed Description

There is a dovecote on the north side of the property, the last of three that existed when the whole of the village was purchased by the Fitzwilliams under Elizabeth I. Today the cottage is adorned by fine hanging baskets and low growing climbers. Between 1824-25 Clare kept a journal in which he made several references to his garden-what plants flowered, trees that grew there, cuttings he collected from the wild and established and also plants and seeds given to him.
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Civil Parish

  • Helpston

Detailed History

The poet John Clare was born in 1793 in a small stone-built thatched cottage along the road to Ailsworth. In 1811 he moved from Woodcroft Castle to Burghley House as a gardener's boy.


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