Holy Trinity Church, Wallington 7354

London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

Around the church are cobble walls and yew trees, and the church and parsonage are in a landscaped setting, with yew trees spaced close together in an arc respecting the south-east curve of the church apse, inside a partially demolished curving boulder wall. The trees may date from the original planting of the 1860s; the whole of the south frontage of the church is shown planted with trees in a photograph of 1903.


Holy Trinity Church was built in 1867-9 at the instigation of Nathanial Bridges, Lord of the Manor of Wallington, who began to develop his lands as the area to the south was rapidly being built up around Wallington. He provided the embryonic settlement with a new church dedicated to his father's memory who had died in 1865.

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Rail: Wallington. Bus: 151, 410, A5, 55.


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust