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Gaynes Parkway, Hacton Parkway, Suttons Parkway (also known as The Ingrebourne Valley Parkways)9337

Brief Description

Gaynes, Hacton and Suttons Parkways were established in their present form between 1960-62 to provide a riverside walk of c.1.5 miles along the eastern bank of the Ingrebourne river. The Parkways are amenity grassland apart from a small playground area on Hacton Parkway.


The names recall the old manors that existed from early times. Gaynes Parkway at the north commences at Upminster Road near Hornchurch Stadium and stretches to Hacton Lane. Hacton Parkway then continues south-east from Hackton Bridge to St George's Hospital. This is followed by Sutton Parkway, which stretches to the former boundaries of Hornchurch Aerodrome, now Hornchurch Country Park.

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Opening is unrestricted.
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Opening is unrestricted.


Tube: Upminster Bridge, Hornchurch (District)


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust