Fairland Park (also known as Falkland and Fairfax Open Space)7786

London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

In 2005 the park was designated solely for the use of children under 12 and in 2009 was renamed Fairland Park with improvements undertaken by Groundwork Trust. Money was raised locally with help from Friends of Fairland Park, in addition to funds from LB Haringey.


Fairland Park is on the site of a former estate attached to Harringay House, a fine early-19th century villa whose gardens were much praised. By 1869 part of the estate had been sold to the Great Northern Railway Company and by 1881 the bulk of the estate was owned by the British Land Company, which laid out the grid of streets now known as the Harringay Ladder. In July 1944 a flying bomb caused extensive damage to Fairfax and Falkland Roads and the houses were demolished. Post-war pre-fabs were constructed but by 1978 were no longer needed and in their place Haringey Council created Falkland and Fairfax Open Space.

Visitor Facilities

The park is open daily until dusk.
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The park is open daily until dusk.


Tube: Turnpike Lane (Piccadilly). Rail: Harringay. Bus: 29, 141, 341