Cuckoo Avenue and Cuckoo Park (also known as Hanwell Park, Cuckoo School, Central London District School)7750

London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

Features of Cuckoo Park include an activity trail, playgrounds, tennis court, football pitch and rest garden.


Cuckoo Avenue is an avenue of horse chestnuts planted as the approach to the Central London District Schools, built in 1856/7 on the north-east part of the once extensive Hanwell Park estate, whose remaining land and mansion were sold off from 1884. The school housed up to 1,000 disadvantaged children; Charlie Chaplin was once a pupil. By 1900 it covered 140 acres, with its own well, sewage and gas works, supplied with produce farmed on the land. It closed in 1933 and most buildings were demolished apart from the central block, later converted into Hanwell Community Centre. The LCC Cuckoo Estate was built in 1933-39 on former school land with houses along Cuckoo Avenue, which became a double carriageway. Land behind the Community Centre became Cuckoo Park providing recreational facilities for the estate, with a small rest garden in front of the building that was restored in 1991.

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Rail: Castle Bar Park. Bus: E1, E3, E11.