Cotton House (also known as Withington Hall)5095

Manchester, Greater Manchester, England

Brief Description

This almost square-shaped, country estate consisted of a house with a central open park land, a lake to the south-west and a wooded area with boundary walks to the north.


This small estate is shown on the 1848 Ordnance Survey map. By 1895 the name had changed to Withington Hall. There was a hospital on the site in 1994.

Detailed Description

On the 1848 Ordnance Survey map this roughly square-shaped park is shown with fields on the north and east and gardens and houses to the south and west.

The grounds included the house in the north-east corner with associated garden, a belt of trees on the northern boundary with laid out walks, a crescent-shaped lake to the south-west and open park in the central area and south-eastern corner.

By 1895 the house and gardens remained but Kinnaird and Rathen Roads had been laid out in the grounds.

Belt, Walk, Lake, Pleasance

Electoral Ward

  • Withington

Detailed History

The house and gardens are shown in the 1848 Ordnance Survey map.

On the 1895 map the name of the house had changed to Withington Hall.

A survey of 1994 recorded a hospital in the grounds.