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Catterick House 5069

Brief Description

In 1848 the house, garden and park were in open country to the north of Didsbury. The whole site has been lost to redevelopment since 1895.


The house and grounds are shown on the 1848 map surrounded by fields. By 1895 the park had been extended to the east and south. The house had also been extended, and called a Hall, and some modifications had been made to the gardens.

Detailed Description

Pleasance, Walk, Pond

Detailed History

On the 1848 Ordnance Survey map this small, irregular estate is shown surrounded by fields. It lay to the east of the Wilmslow Road and to the north of Didsbury. The house and gardens were in the south west of the grounds. The remaining area was open park land with little planting apart from trees alongside the drive. The pleasure gardens included an extended path system and pond.

By 1895 a number of changes can be seen. The park was enlarged by taking in surrounding fields to the east and south. The house also was extended and called a Hall. The pleasure garden was extended as far as the south west corner of the park. Additionally the pathways were modified and the pond filled in.

The area has since been lost to development.


  • Victorian (1837-1901)