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Parkfield, Didsbury 6146

Brief Description

Parkfield had a house and grounds bounded by Manchester Road to the east, Barlow Moor Lane to the south, Lapwing Lane to the north and open fields to the west. A road system and field boundary defines the irregular layout of the site. A small group of cottages and terraced houses cuts into the south-west corner of the site. The house was in the centre of the site surrounded by parkland on all sides. The drive and footpath cut roughly through the centre of the site. The house lay to the west of the drive with small wooded pleasure ground, productive garden and small orchard immediately behind the house to the east of the drive. The park had single trees, some standing in straight lines, probably the remains of field boundaries. The site is now lost.


By 1895, the site was much contracted and cut through by a railway line. The house and pleasure ground were intact but all outer areas of the park were developed. The whole area had undergone very rapid development by 1895.




  • Lancashire Gardens Trust

  • Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit