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The Woodlands Park, Acton (also known as The Woodlands Recreation Ground)8115

Brief Description

Municipal layout included retention of some paths, use of the ice-house as a gardener's hut but the pool eventually ceased retaining water and disappeared. A restoration project in 2006 enabled the ice-house to be restored and the round pool to be recreated.


The Woodlands Park was created on part of the grounds of an 18th-century villa 'The Woodlands', which was purchased in 1903 by Acton UDC, largely for educational purposes, the remainder for a small public park. The existing layout of the grounds was retained in part, which had significant numbers of trees planted in belts and as specimen trees with a network of paths around the perimeter and through the shrubberies. There was a large circular pool on lower ground to the east and an ice-house.

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Opening is unrestricted.
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Opening is unrestricted.


Tube: Acton Town (District, Piccadilly) then bus. Bus: E3, 70, 207, 266, 607, H40


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)