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Woodside, Frant (also known as Slutsbridge Shaw, Delvidere House)5546

Brief Description

The house dates to the late-18th century, and is surrounded by Victorian gardens. Garden features include drives, a lake and a kitchen garden.

Detailed Description

The 1st edition Ordnance Survey map shows extensive gardens with a rectangular walled garden divided into four, like a kitchen garden, to the south. There was also a large lake surrounded by trees and winding paths to the east. There was a bridge at the eastern end of the lake.

The 1975 map shows that the lake and drives have changed little. The kitchen garden is marked in outline, with a greenhouse on its eastern side.

  • House (featured building)
  • Description: The house has five bays and is tile-faced. There is a porch with thin Tuscan columns.
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:
Lake, Drive, Kitchen Garden, Greenhouse

Civil Parish

  • Frant

Detailed History

The house was known as Delvidere House until the name was changed by Miss Peyton after she bought it in 1851. The gardens were known as Slutsbridge Shaw in 1830.



  • Claire Ryley


  • Sussex Gardens Trust