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Wilton Gardens 3526

Short Description

Wilton Gardens is a late-19th-century communal garden.

Detailed Description

The square is surrounded by a wall. It is informally planted with a lawn and shrubs and trees. In the west side is a gate which is evidently not used. The garden is entered by its north-western corner, beside a garage. The garden is kept in reasonable order. It is a private space, but may be seen from the road.

Description checked by Avon Gardens Trust 22/5/2012.


Civil Parish

  • Weston-super-Mare


Wilton Gardens probably dates from the 1880s.

Detailed History

The greater part of Weston-Super-Mare was developed in the late-19th century. The Grand Atlantic Hotel (onto which the westerly houses of Wilton Gardens back) was opened in 1889. Wilton Gardens probably dates from around that time. It is like many squares in Bristol and Bath, and offers the houses additional privacy and seclusion.


  • Avon Gardens Trust

  • E.J. Spiller