Trist House (also known as Veryan Vicarage)6748

Truro, England


The current layout dates mainly from 1834 with possibly some planting dates from the late 18th century. John Trist, vicar of Veryan from 1773-81 'beautified glebe'; Jeremiah Trist, vicar from 1782-1829 'landscaped the glebe', and Samuel Trist, vicar from 1830-69 spent £1,000 in 1835 on 'the disposition and ornament of the grounds' (by way of comparison, the new vicarage cost him £3,000). Jeremiah Trist also built the famous round houses of Veryan and built and landscaped Behan Parc in 1810.

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  • Belt
  • Description: A belt of trees exists along former eastern boundary continuing to south.
  • Clump
  • Description: Clumps of trees within garden
  • Lawn
  • Description: Formal lawns adjacent to house; less formal grassed areas to south
  • Orchard
  • Description: Remains of orchard planted during war on western edge of main lawn
  • Rockery
  • Description: Extensive rockeries in Victorian 'heaped' style along western edge down to pond margins
  • Shrubbery
  • Description: Mainly laurel understorey to tree areas
  • Tree Feature
  • Description: Fine beeches at edge of terrace
  • Courtyard
  • Description: Paved with beach pebbles and some stone slabs, large magnolia on house wall
  • Gatehouse
  • Description: Stone lodge at entrance incorporating Gothic stone windows mainly taken from St Nun's church Grampound in 19th century
  • Grotto
  • Description: Possible remains of groto amongst rock area on western edge
  • Ruin
  • Description: Artificial ruin, much overgrown, to north of house
  • Balustrade
  • Description: Terrace walls of random stone with granite copings
  • Sculpture
  • Description: Stone lion on top of courtyard wall
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Veryan is four miles south of Tregony, off the A3078 from Tregony to St Mawes. Trist House is close to the centre of the village, just past the Roseland Stores on the road to Portloe on the right hand side.


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