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Sweeney Hall


Sweeney Hall featured grounds including a deer park and plantations.

The present Sweeney Hall was built in 1805, but the creation of the deer park and the ha-ha to the south and west of the Hall may have taken place sometime between 1806 and 1826-27, when various boundary changes occurred. In 1851 the hall is recorded as being set in grounds laid out with shrubberies.

Further changes to the park took place prior to 1873-74, possibly at the same time as the part-rebuilding of the hall in 1860. At this time, both the roads to the north and south of the park appear to have been rerouted, partially defining the park's northern and southern extent.

The main features of the park in the second half of the 19th century appear to have been the wooded areas. However, by 1873-4 only two small areas remained, to the north-west of the hall, and in the far south-west of the park.

The park also had a pool to the extreme south-west which may have been

natural. The Oswestry-Llynclys road, which formed the park's western boundary in 1873-74, featured an entrance lodge. From this lodge a drive, which may have once been tree-lined, curved south-east to the hall. Two further routes ran from the north-west and south-west entrances. Another entrance and trackway on the Oswestry-Llynclys road may have been associated with the south-west plantation.

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  • Country House (featured building)
  • Description: Sweeney Hall is a stone house of five bays and two storeys. It features a closed, one-storey porch with flanking giant Tuscan pilasters.
  • Earliest Date:
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  • Shrubbery
  • Description: In 1851, the house was recorded as being laid out in grounds featuring shrubberies.
  • Latest Date:
  • Pool
  • Description: There was a pool, possibly natural, in the south-west corner of the park.
  • Gate Lodge
  • Description: An entrance lodge was located on the Oswestry-Llynclys road.
  • Latest Date:
  • Drive
  • Description: There were several drives through the park. One tree-lined drive led to the hall from the gate lodge. Two further routes ran from the north-west and south-west entrances.
  • Latest Date:
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