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Stanmoregrove 6638

Brief Description

Stanmoregrove was set within extensive wooded grounds or shrubberies. South-west of the house was a feature called 'The Essex Fall,' beyond which was a star-shaped plantation called the 'Maze.' Beyond the shrubberies was parkland, crossed by a tree-lined drive leading to the south-east. All of the ornamental grounds are now lost, and the woodland is much reduced. There is, however, a former park lodge of 1855 which still survives.


Stanmoregrove featured a park and wooded grounds of the late 18th century and later. In the 20th century, the parkland served as an RAF training site, and the much reduced land is now a caravan touring park.

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  • Drive
  • Description: The park was crossed by a tree-lined drive running to the south-east.
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  • Plantation
  • Description: There was a star-shaped plantation called 'The Maze' to the south-west of the house.
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Civil Parish

  • Worfield


  • 18th Century
  • Late 18th Century