St Mary the Virgin Great Ilford Churchyard (also known as The Parish Church of St Mary, Great Ilford)7462

London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

The parish churchyard of St Mary the Virgin Great Ilford is now closed to new burials, but has a moderate collection of early-19th-century headstones and some fine lime trees. In 1863 the Vicar's wish to extend the churchyard was opposed by some parishioners. Today it adjoins Buckingham Road Cemetery, established by Ilford Burial Board in 1881 and originally known as Great Ilford Cemetery.


The building of a new parish church at Ilford was under discussion in 1823 although the division of the parish of Barking was first proposed in 1650. Due to strong opposition it did not get built until 1830 when the new ecclesiastical parish of Great Ilford was created by Order in Council.

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Rail: Seven Kings. Bus: 86.


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