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St Andrew's Park, Bristol 3049

Short Description

St Andrew's is a municipal park dating to 1890-95. It is on a sloping site with an informal layout. Features include specimen trees, a play area, a paddling pool, sundial and bowling green.



Detailed Description

St. Andrew's Park is a pleasantly laid out area bounded by five roads in a residential area. The park contains many mature trees, including a number of pines. A bowling green and pavilion are at its north-western tip and a children's playground is at the north-east.

On the eastern side, adjacent to Maurice Road, there is an old static water tank. This was converted for use as a children's paddling pool in 1950-51.

In the centre of the park there is a large tarmac circle whcih was the site of an air-raid shelter. To the south-west is a circular freestone plinth whcih used to bear a sundial.

Although laid out at the same time as several other Bristol parks, St. Andrew's Park has a very individual character. This is due to its situation on a slope, its neat box bushes and the variety of its trees.

The park is well-maintained by the local authority.



  • Informal
  • Pool
  • Description: Children's paddling pool.
  • Sundial
  • Description: The sundial plinth was probably an original feature of the park. A drinking fountain marked on the map no longer exists.
Bowling Green, Pavilion
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This is a municipal park open for general public use.



The land was purchased in 1890, and the park was opened five years later.

Detailed History

St. Andrew's Park was purchased in 1890 for £6,857. £6,190 was spent on laying out and the park was opened to the public in 1895. Playground equipment was installed in 1946.




  • E.J. Spiller


  • Avon Gardens Trust