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St Alban's Terrace Gardens (also known as River Thames Gardens)8998

Brief Description

The riverside gardens remain popular, and have lawns, trees, shrubberies and an area of ornamental planting around a sundial.


St Alban's Terrace Gardens are one of a number of riverside gardens between Hampton Court Road and the Thames, here named after the 5th Duke of St Albans who moved to Hampton in 1796 to a riverside house first called St Albans Bank, now St Alban's Lodge. In the C19th the riverside near Hampton Court became a popular tourist attraction in its own right and was important for its boat-building works. Among these was boat-builder Tom Tagg, who leased the ait now known as Taggs Island where he built the Island Hotel in 1870.

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Opening is unrestricted.
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Opening is unrestricted.


Bus R68, 111, 216, 416, 726, R68


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust