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Southernwood, Great Shelford


Features include drives, hedges and lawns.

The house was built between 1888 and 1903 and had a garden leading down to the river which Rose described in one of her early novels, ‘The Secret River'. Today there are two large weeping willows guarding the entrance drive, part of the ground to the left of the drive has been sold, but the castellated entrance can be seen behind well clipped hedges.

A hawthorne hedge backed by mature beech trees separates the garden from the adjoining recreation ground. The lawns and small orchard remain but the land bordering the river has been developed for housing. Before 1914 Rupert Brooke, as an undergraduate, was a frequent visitor for Sunday lunch or for boating on the river with Rose.


In 1906 George McCaulay came with his family to live at Southernwood. With him came his daughter Rose, then aged 25.

Features & Designations


  • Drive
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  • Hedge
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  • Lawn
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  • House (featured building)
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  • Orchard
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Great Shelford



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