Seear's Park (also known as Hammond’s Orchard, East Cheam Manor Estate)8045

London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

There remain some mature ornamental trees dating from the 19th century, including a monkey puzzle, redwoods and firs along the main road to the west, also some broken statuary and a pond from the same period. The drinking fountain was installed in 1932 as a memorial to the Seears. There is an attractive ornamental cottage in the north-east corner.


Seear's Park was once part of Hammond’s Orchard within East Cheam Manor estate. It was laid out as a park by John Seear between 1890-1912 and left to his wife and then to the local authority on her death in 1932.

Visitor Facilities

The park is open from 8am- dusk.
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The park is open from 8am- dusk.


Rail: Cheam. Bus: 151, 213, 408, 726.


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust