The Priory Hospital 9244

Greater London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

The Priory is now a private nursing home, set in its own gardens.


The Priory was one of a number of villas built on the northern part of Roehampton Park after the estate was broken up between 1770-88. Roehampton had become a popular place for the wealthy to build country retreats in the C18th, attracted by the healthy and beautifaul sitution, the attraction no doubt enhanced by the fact that 'adjacent villas being inhabited by families of fashion and distinction' (George Richardson referring to Dover House in 1810). In the latter part of the C19th this exclusivity waned as suburban development was encouraged by the opening of the railways and a number of former villas became institutions of one sort of another. The Priory has been a private nursing home since 1871.



  • London Parks and Gardens Trust