Priors Lee (also known as Prior's Lee, Priors Lee Hall, Prior's Lee Hall)6634

Telford, England, Shropshire

Brief Description

Priors Lee Hall is an early-18th-century building, with associated grounds within the limits of modern Telford.


The park at Priors Lee Hall predates 1827, though its boundaries and extent changes over the next 50 years, and its use was particularly transformed by the operation of the nearby colliery.

  • Garden Building
  • Description: Lodge
Access & Directions


Priorslee parish, Telford.


Detailed History

Priors Lee Hall was built in the early-18th century. By 1827 it had a park that stretched south from the Hall towards the Priors Lee-Haughton road. A trackway or approach ran from the road on an approximate south-east/north-west alignment to the west of the Hall. By 1881 the park's boundary was defined by the Priors Lee-Haughton road, although a large portion of its south-west extent had been taken up by a colliery. There was a lodge at the south-east corner of the park. Two short lines of trees, possibly once part of a ride, are indicated to the south of the Hall. In the vicinity of the Hall, a formal lay-out of gardens is suggested and included shrubs or trees, footpaths and a footbridge; a wooded area of trees or shrubs lay to the south.