Page Park, Staple Hill 2544

Bristol, England

Brief Description

Page Park is an early-20th-century public park laid out to a formal design and bordered by evenly spaced trees. There is a clock tower shelter at the centre of the park, flowerbeds, a bowling green and a tennis court. This record was checked with South Gloucestershire Historic Monument Records Officer - June 2010.


The park was formerly part of the Hill House estate. It was given to the public in 1909 by A.W. Page and laid out over the next few years.

Visitor Facilities

This is a municipal park for general public use.



Detailed Description

Page Park is broadly square-shaped, and is laid out on flat ground. It is rather more formal in design than most municipal parks, being divided into two halves by a north-south aligned paved footpath. The whole park is bordered by evenly spaced trees, mostly Corsican pine. An elaborate shelter with a clock tower stands in the centre of the park. The park is enclosed by a low parapet wall, broken only where groups of residential buildings intrude into the square shape of the park.

There is a tennis court in the south-eastern corner of the park, and a well-kept bowling green in the south-west. There are a number of flower beds in the south-west of the park, but most of the area is open grassland. The main park entrance is from the south-west corner, through an imposing pair of wrought iron gates. There are other entrances all around the park through smaller gateways.

Page Park is maintained by the Parks Department of South Gloucestershire Council. The grass is cut regularly and the park is kept clean and tidy. The buildings in the park do suffer from vandalism, and the shelter in the middle of the park is covered with graffiti. The pond shown on some older maps no longer exists.



  • Formal
  • Tower
  • Description: There is a clock tower in the centre of the park. The tower surmounts the wooden shelter.
  • Bandstand
  • Description: There is a wooden hexagonal bandstand on a raised plinth.
  • Fountain
  • Description: There is a drinking fountain. It is dedicated to the memory of A.W. Page, who donated the land for Page Park.
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:
  • Gate
  • Description: There is a pair of large and ornate wrought iron gates which form the main entrance. The date 1913 is worked into the ironwork of the gates.
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:
  • Cenotaph
  • Description: World War 1 cenotaph. This is a fairly plain memorial, commemorating local people who died in the 1914-18 war.
  • Garden Building
  • Description: There is a large and elaborate wooden building surmounted by a clock tower. This stands in the middle of the park.
  • Lawn
  • Description: Sports pitches, used for both football and cricket.
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This is a municipal park for general public use.

Civil Parish

  • Mangotsfield

Detailed History

The site of Page Park was previously part of the Hill House estate. It was donated for public use in 1909 by the then owner of Hill House, A.W. Page. The park was laid out and planted over the next few years, and has continued to serve the expanding population of the area ever since.


  • Early 20th Century


  • E.T. Thacker


  • Avon Gardens Trust