The Old Manor House Parks, Keyston 5965

Keyston, England, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire

Brief Description

Former features of Old Manor House include a moat, double garden terraces and perhaps a fishpond.


Old Manor House was created in the late-16th century as a private residence.

Detailed Description

A wide ditch around the Manor House, which never held water, is stepped in order to maintain the appearance of a true moat. To the east is a long depression, possibly a pond, and in the south-west a bank or dam, may have been a fishpond or perhaps a lake in the Manor House garden. Double terraces to the north and north-west are likely to be the remains of a garden.
  • Ditch
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  • Moat
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  • Manor House (featured building)
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Civil Parish

  • Kimbolton

Detailed History

The site of a former Manor House lies in a field to the east of Keyston church. By 1589 the manor was held by Robert, Earl of Essex, who was forced to sell that year to pay his debts to the Crown. It was granted to Thomas Emerson in 1614 by James I and was occupied continuously until the 19th century when it was pulled down.


  • Tudor (1485-1603)


  • Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust