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New Road Cemetery, Chatteris (also known as Parochial Cemetery)


Features of New Road Cemetery included two chapels and a drive.

The two mortuary chapels were located halfway along the central drive. Although the original site was a narrow rectangle, the paths were curvilinear in layout. The road frontage is still lined with plane trees planted when the cemetery was opened in 1869. Similar to other cemeteries of this date, trees were planted for botanical interest and were enjoyed by local residents on a Sunday afternoon's stroll. Only the remnants of one chapel remains today, several paths have been lost and the cemetery has been enlarged on the western boundary.
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There are two cemeteries in New Road, Chatteris, both to the north of the road, and a further burial ground existed to the south of the road opposite the General Cemetery (Meeks Cemetery). The New Road Cemetery (The Parochial Cemetery) is the more easterly in New Road. This cemetery was started in 1856 and covered an area of 2.4 hectares, with an entrance lodge and two mortuary chapels (Church of England and Nonconformist).


Victorian (1837-1901)

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Funerary Site


Sacred / Ritual / Funerary


Victorian (1837-1901)


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