Manor Farm, Bassingbourn 5900

Bassingbourn, England, Cambridgeshire, South Cambridgeshire

Brief Description

Features of Manor Farm include yew hedges and a Victorian summerhouse.


Manor Farm was established in the 17th century as a private residence.

Detailed Description

The house lies next to the village church on the south side, and a path leads from the garden across the churchyard to the south porch. Behind a yew hedge in the front garden is a Victorian summerhouse, still in use.

The rear of the house is joined to a large Tudor tithe barn which forms part of a courtyard. To the south of the house is a pair of lofty horse chestnuts. Large garden areas extend to the east of the tithe barn enclosed by beech hedges.

  • Pond
  • Description: The pond was dug and filled in in the 1980s.
  • Summerhouse
  • Description: Victorian summerhouse.
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:
  • Path
  • Description: The paths were installed, along with the hedge, in the 1970s.
  • Manor House (featured building)
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:

Civil Parish

  • Bassingbourn cum

Detailed History

Manor Farm has a typical Queen Anne fa├žade, but its origins are a 17th-century timber building.


  • Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust