Guildhall Grounds 8758

Greater London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

The Guildhall Grounds are landscaped with grass, paths, shrub beds and trees. The ancient Coronation Stone surrounded by mid-C19th railings was moved to the Guildhall grounds in 1935 from the site south of Market Place where it had been set up in 1850. Nearby is the C12th Clattern Bridge over the Hogsmill River, which runs along one boundary of the grounds.


The Guildhall was on the site of the C18th Clattern House, which was next to the early C19th Assize Courts, both demolished in 1933. Used for municipal offices from 1891 Guildhall housed the library until 1903, when Kingston Library on Fairfield opened. A new larger Guildhall was built in 1935, and was further extended in 1968.

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Opening is unrestricted.
  • Ornamental Bridge
  • Description: Clattern Bridge
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Opening is unrestricted.


Rail: Kingston. Bus: 371, K1, 65.


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)