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Gaunt's Ham Park


This is a municipal park laid out between 1888-91.

Gaunt's Ham Park is a roughly triangular area, surrounded on the north-west by the back walls of private gardens, on the north by a large warehouse and on the south-east by a low stone wall. On the south-west there is a tennis court and a small grassed area. Beyond that there is a recently-built warehouse (which is marked as a playground on the map).

A rectangle of the northern part of the park has been separated by a low fence behind which is an asphalted children's playground.

All of the original turn-of-the-century terraced houses shown on the map as Elizabeth Street and Lincoln Street have gone and an area of grass is adjacent to the park with some modern houses beyond.

Gaunt's Ham Park is maintained by the local authority. At the time it was last surveyed (1984) it was untidy with leaves and litter.

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This is a municipal park open for general public use.


Bristol City Council

The Council House, College Green, BS1 5TR

The area was formerly waste-land which was bought by the Corporation in 1888 at a cost of £1,853.

Features & Designations


  • Fountain
  • Description: Most parks of this date in Bristol have a drinking fountain. However, the one which is marked on the map of Gaunt's Ham Park is no longer there.
  • Gate
  • Description: At the main entrance there stands a tall Bath stone pillar with a crenellated top. It was part of the original grand gateway. Of its pair only the base is in place, and the tope lies in two large segments on the ground (1984). This gateway was purchased in 1890 for 12 pounds and 10 shillings from the grounds of Highgrove, Totterdown, and was removed and re-fitted for a further 8 pounds and 5 shillings.
  • Latest Date:
  • Gate
  • Description: There is a less grand gateway at another entrance. This is made of Bath stone and local grey stone and is still intact. This entrance leads via some steps to Tenby Street.
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