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Fulbourn Pumping Station


A garden associated with Fulbourn Pumping Station designed by Charles Hawksley opened in 1891. The pond was originally used to cool condensed steam from the engines. The site is now used as offices by Erdas UK.

Originally the entrance to the garden was via a drive from the west, which passed the large pond which also had a central island. The pond had a continuous stone edging and evergreen shrubs were established close to the pond. Many conifers were planted and form the perimeter planting around the garden.

Today the premises are the offices of Erdas UK Ltd. A new entrance has been made along Cow Lane in line with the flight of steps which lead to the building. The garden is well maintained, the lawns and herbaceous border, mature trees, limes, yews and Scots pine are growing well behind the privet boundary hedge.

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Erdas UK Ltd


The old pumping station at Fulbourn is known for its somewhat 'religious' appearance, and fine garden. It was designed by Charles Hawksley, who specialised in gas and waterworks from Shanghai to Buenos Aires.

It was opened in 1891 and its roof accommodated the two 15 horse power steam driven beam engines which extracted water from a shallow elliptical well in the chalk. Hawksley required an outside container for water and the garden soon possessed a pond to cool condensed steam from the engines, the water then being fed back into the station to produce more steam, thus preventing a build-up of chalk scale on the boilers.

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