Cottenham Park (also known as Prospect Place (meadows), Cottenham Park Estate, Cottenham Recreation Ground, Melbury Gardens)7739

London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

A diagonal path across the park marked by trees and hedging is a remnant of an avenue that once stretched across the whole estate. A number of old trees survive including an oak probably planted shortly after the Battle of Trafalgar, and some of the London plane trees along the park boundary date from 1898. Facilities for cricket, football, tennis and bowling were provided, all but the bowling green remaining today, and permission for concerts by local bands was granted in the park's early years.


The area was once a stretch of meadowland within the 250-acre estate of Prospect Place, an 18th-century house whose last owner was Lord Cottenham, after whom the estate was renamed. He had the property from 1831-51, after which it was sold and large-scale development of the land began. Initially known as Melbury Gardens, Cottenham Park Recreation Ground was the first such amenity to be provided in this area, opening in 1897.

Visitor Facilities

The park is open from 8am (weekdays)/9am (weekends/Bank Hols) - dusk.
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The park is open from 8am (weekdays)/9am (weekends/Bank Hols) - dusk.


Rail: Raynes Park then bus. Bus: 200.