Coedmore 877

Cilgerran, Wales

Brief Description

Coedmore features an early-19th-century house surrounded by a garden laid out in Picturesque style. A layout of paths, steps and bridges is set within extensive woodland on the steep flanks of the dramatic Teifi valley. Within the woodland is a curious, older enclosed garden with a ruined summerhouse. There is also a view of Cilgerran Castle from the house and garden.


The current house was probably built between 1816 and 1833. Parts of the surrounding grounds probably relate to an earlier house that was situated west of the present mansion.


Plant Environment

  • Environment
  • Woodland Garden


  • Picturesque
  • Drive
  • Description: The house is approached by a long drive through the woodland.
  • Ornamental Bridge
  • Description: There is a stone bridge over the ravine.
  • Gateway
  • Description: The entrance gates have stone gate piers with iron gates between.
  • Lawn
  • Description: There is a sloping lawn to the north of the house.
  • Ha-ha
  • Description: The ha-ha bounds the lawn.
  • Orchard
  • Description: There is an old orchard.
  • Terrace
  • Description: A narrow strip of land at the front of the house has been terraced.
  • Mansion House (featured building)
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:
  • Tree Feature
  • Description: There are extensive wooded pleasure grounds. The trees are mainly beech and oak, small-leaved lime and wych elm, set on a steeply sloping site.
  • Earliest Date:

Civil Parish

  • Llangoedmor