Castle Holdgate (also known as Holdgate Castle, Holgate Castle)5035

Holdgate, England, Shropshire

Brief Description

There was a castle at Holdgate in 1086, which had gardens attached to it by 1292, and two parks by 1428. Remnants of a 13th- or 14th-century tower house comprise part of the current Hall Farm. Royal Commission surveys suggest that earthworks to the south-east of the castle may represent a formal garden of the 16th century.


The gardens surrounding the 11th-century castle at Holgate were first mentioned in 1292, and again in 1315. A free-standing stone tower house was built on the site in the late 13th or 14th century, and now forms part of the building of Hall Farm. In 1428, the castle had two parks, the remnants of which are preserved in the fieldnames Great Park and Little Park, which lay immediately to the east of the castle in 1842. Remnant earthworks may suggest that a formal garden accompanied the parks in the 16th century.

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  • Description: Holdgate castle is a motte and bailey first mentioned in Domesday Book. The motte and bailey survive as an earthwork, and a 13th- or 14th-century round tower also remains, although the rest of the medieval castle is now lost.
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