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Delbury Hall 5324

Brief Description

Delbury Hall is a large brick mansion built soon after 1752. In 1827 it had a park, occupying the area around the Hall and south-west of it, extending up to what in 1883 was Corfton Plantation. By 1883, however, the park had been done away with. Of the two ponds at Delbury, the more northerly one had been formalized by 1883.


Delbury Hall was built around 1752, and there was a park by 1827. The park was gone by 1883, but there was still a formal pool.

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  • Mansion House (featured building)
  • Description: Delbury Hall is a large brick mansion of seven bays and two and a half storeys. The porch is of the 19th century, and there are older panelled rooms in the interior.
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Civil Parish

  • Diddlebury