Brownings Manor (also known as Brownings Grove)5665

Framfield, England, East Sussex, Wealden

Brief Description

Abbs (1999) notes a 'tennis lawn, kitchen garden, greenhouses and grassland plus well-shrubbed carriage drive.., part of Possingworth Estate and sold in 1907'. Later maps show no interesting garden developments.


The site is named as Blackboy Farm on the 1813 Ordnance Survey map. There was no garden at this date. The house and gardens were developed before 1874.

  • House (featured building)
  • Earliest Date:
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  • Drive
  • Description: Carriage drive.
Tennis Lawn, Kitchen Garden, Greenhouse

Civil Parish

  • Framfield

Detailed History

What appears to be the site is called Blackboy Farm on the Ordnance Survey 1" map (1813). No garden is marked.

In the immediate surroundings of the house and ancillary buildings there is a carriage drive and walks set in shrub borders (0rdnance Survey 62, 1874). There is a string of pools a few hundred metres from the house. The house is called Brownings Grove.

James Grove, a Yorkshireman and founder of the Fargrove Steam Navigation company, lived with his wife at Brownings Grove from 1910. He built up a pedigree herd of Sussex cattle and moved to Heathfield Park in 1919 (Pryce, 1996). The English Heritage (2000) account of Heathfield Park makes no mention of Grove so he probably had little influence on the garden there or at Brownings Grove.


  • Victorian (1837-1901)



  • Dennis Cooke


  • Sussex Gardens Trust