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Broadhurst Park 5048

Brief Description

Broadhurst Park provides a range of habitats and facilities. Much of the central and southern section is open grassland and woodland. A more formal landscape and recreational facilities are situated at the northern end.


Broadhurst Park developed from a 19th-century park. The established park was presented to Manchester Corporation in 1920 and was extended by purchase in 1934.

Visitor Facilities

Detailed Description

The park is an irregular and long rectangular shape with formal landscaping in the northern section. In this area there are also sports amenities such as bowling greens and tennis courts . The central and much of the southern section are open grassland with playing fields. At the most southern end there are woodland and woodland walks.
  • Planted Walk
  • Description: Woodland walk
  • Tree Feature
  • Description: Woodlands
Bowling Green
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Detailed History

Broadhusrt Park is shown on the 1848 Ordnance Survey map lying to the east of the Moston Cemetery. By that time it was well developed for a range of recreational activities especially sports. Much of the area was open playing fields with tennis courts and bowling greens to the north and woodland and woodland walks to the south.

The bulk of the area was presented to Manchester Corporation in 1920. A further 8 hectares were purchased by the Corpoartion in 1934 and now form the Ronald Johnson Playing Fields.


  • Victorian (1837-1901)