Bartholomew Square (also known as Old Street Square)8240

Greater London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

The character of the area was all but obliterated in the 1970s by the GLC's rebuilding, which destroyed the whole pattern of the historic surroundings. Today the area is a hummocky grass patch bordered on three sides by low rise council blocks of Bartholomew Court and the St Luke's Estate. There are a few trees including horse chestnut and London plane and it is railed to Bartholomew Square.


Bartholomew Square is on land formerly belonging to St Bartholomew's Hospital, and replaced a square known as Old Street Square dating from around 1815. In 1894 the MPGA laid out an asphalted playground here. It has been renamed Bartholomew Square in recognition of the former connections of the site.

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Rail/Tube: Old Street (Northern). Bus: 43, 214, 55