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Ainsworth Road Recreation Ground 6106

Brief Description

This site has a recreation ground bounded by Ainsworth Road to the south, Newbold Street to the west, Lonsdale Street to the east and Elton Reservoir to the north. It occupies a roughly rectangular site with a lodge at the main entrance to the south. The site remains extant. It has been enlarged with additional ground to the north-east.


The site was built close to the site of the Elton Fold Dye Works and opened in June 1886. The ground was partly funded by the Whitehead family who were influential in the movement to provide space and recreational facilities in the late-19th-century. The ground was designed by the Borough Engineer, Mr Cartwright.Originally, there was a wrought iron fence and entrance gates, two pavilions and a miniature fort. Facilities included girls' and boys' playing grounds, a bowling green and areas for tennis, croquet and cricket. Part of the ground was also laid out with walks, lawns and flower beds and the site was edged with forest trees and shrubs.

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This is a municipal site for general public use.
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This is a municipal site for general public use.



  • Lancashire Gardens Trust

  • Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit