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John Adey Repton

John Adey Repton, architect and designer, was born in Norwich on 29 March 1775 and was the eldest son of Humphry Repton.

From 1789 Repton worked in the office of William Wilkins, where he developed a commitment to antiquarian study and the Gothic style. In 1796 he became apprentice to John Nash where he contributed several designs for Corsham Court, Wiltshire, that were never acknowledged.

Repton collaborated with his father on a number of projects including Bayam Abbey, Essex (1800), Aspley Wood Lodge, Nottinghamshire (1810) and Harewood House, West Yorkshire (around 1800).

Following his father's death in 1818, Repton undertook several commissions in the Netherlands and Germany, before moving with his sister, Elizabeth, to Springfield, Essex in 1827. He died, unmarried at Springfield on the 26th November 1860.

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