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Victoria Park (also known as Windmill Hill)


This is a municipal park also known as Windmill Hill. It was laid out from 1888-91.



Victoria Park occupies a sloping site in South Bristol. It is otherwise known as Windmill Hill. The park is mostly open grassland, dotted with isolated trees. There are many paved footpaths running through the park, some of them bordered by avenues of trees. There is a children's play area in the north-east corner of the park. There is a bowling green and tennis court in the west of the park at the top of the slope.

The park is maintained by the Parks Department of Bristol City Council. The grass is cut regularly and the park is kept clean and tidy.

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This is a municipal park open for general public use.


Bristol City Council

The Council House, College Green, BS1 5TR

The site of Victoria Park was purchased by Bristol City Corporation from Greville Smyth of Ashton Court for £20,678 in 1888. A further £8,656 was spent on landscaping the site before it was opened as a public park in 1891. Victoria Park is still the largest municipal park in South Bristol.

Features & Designations


  • Water Feature
  • Description: This feature is the water maze. It was designed by Peter Milner and built by Avon County Community Environment Scheme and Bristol City Engineers in 1983-4. The maze is supplied with water from an old pipe which runs from a spring on Knowle Hill, and was built to mark the end of sewage discharge into the River Avon. The design for the maze is based on a roof boss in nearby St. Mary Redcliffe Church.
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  • Bowling Green
  • Tree Avenue
  • Description: There are many paved footpaths running through the park, some of them bordered by avenues of trees.
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