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College Green


The Cathedral Green was leased to the Bristol Corporation in 1894, then laid out in 1950-54 by the City Council as a foreground to the Council House.

College Green is now an open area of grass, triangular in shape. There are broad paved pathways around all three sides of the green. Young trees have been planted around the edge. The green is dominated by the vast edifice of the Council House on the west, with a large pond in front of it.

College Green is maintained by the Parks Department of Bristol City Council. The grass is cut regularly and the pond is kept free of debris.

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College Green is a municipal open space for general public use.


Bristol City Council

The Council House, College Green, BS1 5TR

College Green has existed in something like its present shape since the Middle Ages. It is still owned by the Dean and Chapter of Bristol Cathedral, but has been leased to the City Council since 1894.

It has traditionally been an open space next to the Cathedral, graced with avenues of trees. It has been enclosed with balustrades and rails at various stages. Many old maps of Bristol show two footpaths forming a cross on the green. Prints of the early-18th century show the Bristol High Cross of 1373 in place upon College Green. The cross was moved to the gardens of Stourhead in Wiltshire in 1768, where it still stands. An imitation of the cross, built by John Norton, was erected on College Green in 1851. This was moved to Berkeley Square in 1950.

The present layout of College Green dates entirely from the early 1950s when the Council House was built. There is a long thin pond and fountains. The green was lowered in 1950-51, was seeded and soiled in 1951-52 and a footpath was constructed along the Park Street side in 1954. The statue of Queen Victoria was re-erected in 1953. Saplings were also planted at this time.

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  • Conservation Area

  • Reference: College Green
  • The National Heritage List for England: Listed Building

  • Reference: Statue of Queen Victoria
  • Grade: II


  • Pond
  • Description: There is a long thin pond and fountains.
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  • Fountain
  • Description: There is a long thin pond and fountains.
  • Earliest Date:
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  • Statue
  • Description: This is a Portland stone figure of the Queen Empress standing on a plinth.
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