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Perrett Park 2613


Perrett Park is a municipal park dating to around 1900.


Steeply sloping

Perrett Park is mostly open grassland, on a steeply sloping site which forms a natural amphitheatre or bowl. At the top of this bowl a long terrace has been created, running along two sides of the park. This terrace has been laid out with rose beds and shrubberies, paved walkways and benches which command a fine view to the west and north.

Perrett Park is maintained by the Parks Department of Bristol City Council. The grass is cut regularly and the park is kept clean and tidy. The terrace gardens are kept in good order.

  • Terrace
  • Description: The long terrace gardens of Perrett Park are an unusual feature in a municipal park. They were laid out in 1939-40, and take advantage of the fine natural position of the park. The paved walk along the terrace has fine views to the west and north, and the flower beds and shrubberies provide a good variety of plant form and colour.
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This is a municipal site for general public use.



The site was purchased by the Bristol City Corporation in or around 1900.

Detailed History

The site now occupied by Perrett Park was purchased by Bristol City Corporation from Lady Smyth of Ashton Court for £1,000. £500 of this money was provided by Councillor Perrett, after whom the park is named.


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)


  • E. T. Thacker

  • Avon Gardens Trust