Ventnor Park 6720

Ventnor, England

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A public park, formerly part of the Steephill Estate, which was given to the town of Ventnor in the late 19th century.

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Public park

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Ventnor Park is situated to the south of Park Avenue in Ventnor. Steephill Castle to lies to the north-west, Flowers Brook to the west, and the southern boundary is the cliff edge.

Ventnor Park formed the south-east portion of the Steephill Castle estate but was given to the town in late Victorian times. The present bandstand was moved to the park from elsewhere. The stream flowing through the park was previously planted up with ornamental species, as was Flowers Brook to the west. Some mature macrocarpas and holm oaks exist in the park but other trees are self seeded and more recent.

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Public park

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  • Ventnor