St Matthias Churchyard, Tower Hamlets (also known as St Matthias Community Centre, St Matthias Old Church, Poplar Chapel)7493

London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

The church is now used as a community centre. The overgrown churchyard has been cleared and laid out as a garden, and contains a number of significant monuments.


St Matthias Church started life as the East India Company's Poplar Chapel, built between 1650-54 at the site of the Company's Almshouses in Poplar. It may have been the first place of worship in the area. After the Company's property transferred to the Crown in 1858, the church then served the new parish of St Matthias. Due to declining congregations, in 1976 it was decided to close the church, which subsequently became neglected, the building and its churchyard vandalised. It was restored and re-opened in 1993.

Access & Directions


DLR: All Saints, West Ferry, Poplar, Blackwall. Bus: 15, 115, 40, D6, D7, D8.


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust